Company Profile 公司简介

A Company Transformed

Since its birth in 1918 Eng Lee Seng (ELS) is well recognized as a pioneer manufacturer of sesame and linseed oils. As the market and economy grew ELS grew along and included a variety of oriental sauces, pastes, vinegars and varied seasonings, fit for the food service industry and household.

To date, we have successfully penetrated the local and international markets by modernising our operations and adopting a professional marketing approach. Today, our made-in-Malaysia products are recognized for their affordability and superior quality – thanks to our extensive investment in advanced process and packaging technologies, research and development. This has allowed us to meet the ever-changing consumer tastes and trends requirements, locally and abroad.

We listen to our customers, focusing intently on all aspects of our products attributes. From flavor, taste, texture and more – we welcome important feedback as a means for further progress and improvement. Although we’ve transformed our approach, we still retain our business philosophy and core traditional values – of giving customers only the best in what we offer best!



我们的理念是竭尽所能为客户提供卓越的服务,并着重于聆听客户,也借此让我们能秉持着对客户的承诺而做得更好。商业术语 “客户永远是对的”对我们力争进步和改善有着非常重要的启示。

Quality Commitment

Our motto “Quality Does Matter” is constantly tested and evaluated by our group of qualified Food Technologists who are responsible for meeting the compliance and standards. To maintain this aim, ELS has achieved both certified quality management and “HALAL” standards. In addition, we are also SIRIM QAS (SS 220: 1995) certified. Our sesame oil are constantly tested by the SANMEI (TOKYO) LTD laboratory to ensure product purity and consistency. Recently, ELS been internationally certified with ISO22000: 2005 Food Safety Management Standards and ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management System. Our manufacturing facilities adheres to the GMP and HACCP management systems as part of our quest to achieve greater product excellence.

我们的座右铭是“坚持品质”,因此我们合格食品科技研究组不断地进行测试和评估,以求符合所需标准。ELS为了保持其宗旨,已取得质量管理标准的认证,并有“HALAL”标准和SIRIM QAS(SS220:1995)标准的注册。我们的芝蔴油亦通过SANMEI(TOKYO) LTD的实验测试,以肯定其精准与纯正度。近年来,ELS喜获国际认可的“ISO22000: 2005食品管理体系认证证书及ISO9001: 2008质量管理体系认证“证书,更遵循了GMP与HACCP的管理制度,以达精益求精之效。